Friendly Golf in Pattaya City

Witherspoons Golf Group offers friendly golf, no handicaps necessary, men and ladies welcome, plus you can store your golf clubs at our bar for convenience.All green fees (GF) shown are based on the player being a Pattaya Sports Club member; for non-members the rates may vary, however joining PSC is quick and easy, visit the PSC website for further information, visit their HQ on 3rd road.Transport is arranged from Witherspoons Buakhou and back.The transport fee (TF) needs to be paid in advance to the Witherspoon's cashier, and your name and contact number entered on the golf list.Green fees (GF), caddy fees and buggy fees to be paid on arrival at the course.All green fees, courses being played, plus minibus departure times are shown in the Calendar, and also on our Facebook Page as well as on the noticeboard at the front of Witherspoons Buakhou.For more information, or to arrange to play golf, contact Mr Paul on 092 374 4276, or send a message via the Get in touch page below, alternatively register at Witherspoons Buakhou by paying your transport fee to the Cashier.Please note that cancellations received before 7pm the day before golf receive a full transport fee refund. After 7pm we are unable to refund unless golf is cancelled by Mr Paul.On the day of golf, please arrive at Witherspoons Buakhou, or the designated pick up point, at least 15 minutes before the indicated departure time.Sometimes it may be necessary for the transport to depart early. Please note that we are unable to refund transport fees for anyone who arrives later than 15 minutes before the indicated departure time.Interested? Get in touch!



WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IF I WANT TO PLAY GOLF?1. Look at our calendar or check the board outside Witherspoon’s and decide which day you want to play.2. Write your name and contact number on the list held by the cashier at Witherspoon’s and pay her the transport fee.3. Turn up on the day in time for the minibus; the departure time is shown on the calendar section, and on the board outside Witherspoon’s. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time.If you arrive late you may miss the minibus and we are sorry we will not be able to refund your transport fee.CAN I HIRE GOLF CLUBS OR GOLF SHOES?1. You can rent out golf bags and clubs from the golf courses. They will charge around 1000 baht a golf set. Golf shoes and umbrellas will be an additional charge.2. Witherspoon’s has some golf sets for hire at 400 Baht plus a 600 baht refundable deposit. Please ask in advance if needed.WHAT IS PATTAYA SPORTS CLUB ( PSC ) MEMBERSHIP ?1. PSC negotiate discounted green fees for all their members and these are the rates shown on our site; you can join PSC by going to their offices on 3rd road or via their website.WHEN ARE THE COURSES BUSIEST?1. High season is Nov – March and sometimes the courses can be busy and some delays occur, please be patient and enjoy the day.CAN I LEAVE MY GOLF CLUBS AT WITHERSPOONS?1. Yes you can leave your golf clubs at Witherspoon’s in a secure storage area totally free of charge.2. Alternatively we do have personal dedicated golf lockers at reasonable charges for anyone wanting their own individual short or long term storage.WHAT IS THE TOTAL I WILL HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY GOLF?1. Transport fee (TF) paid to the cashier at Witherspoon’s.2. Green fees (GF) paid to golf course on the day and shown in calender section and on board outside Witherspoons Buakhou.3. Caddy fee (CF) paid to golf course on the day and shown in calendar section and on the board outside Witherspoons Buakhou.4. Buggy fee if you require a buggy, paid to golf course.5. Caddy tip; a discretionary tip paid direct to your caddy at the end of the round. Most courses will set a minimum tip of 300 baht.WHAT TIME DO I NEED TO GET TO WITHERSPOONS ?See our calendar and board outside Witherspoons Buakhou shows the minibus departure time from Witherspoon’s or specified pickup location each day.Please arrive at least 15 minutes before this departure time to allow clubs to be loaded correctly on the minibus.If you do not arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, and subsequently miss the minibus, we will not be able to refund your transport fee.

Get in Touch

If you need any information or want to ask any questions about playing golf with Witherspoons Golf Group then please use the contact form below, or email us witherspoonsgolf@gmail.com with your contact number and we will reply within 24 hours.Alternatively call Paul directly on 092 374 4276.